Nova Scotia Sovereign Consistory

The Consistory confers the 19th to the 32nd degrees inclusive. These degrees, often elaborate and highly dramatic, cover a variety of approaches to Masonic teaching. Lessons of compassion, piety and justice are exemplified in the 24th degree while the 30th degree shows us what is right and just in our lives today with a belief in God, country and oneself. The 31st degree is the judicial branch of the Scottish Rite and the 32nd degree is the military degree. The Consistory usually holds its Annual Reunions in April of each year.

The degrees under the jurisdiction of the Nova Scotia Sovereign Consistory include:

19° Grand Pontiff

20° Master ad Vitam

21° Patriarch Noachite

22° Prince of Libanus

23° Chief of the Tabernacle

24° Prince of the Tabernacle

25° Knight of the Brazen Serpent

26° Prince of Mercy

27° Commander of the Temple

28° Knight of the Sun

29° Knight of St. Andrew

30° Knight Kadosh

31° Inspector Inquisitor Commander

32° Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret