Northumberland Scottish Rite Club (NSRC)

The Northumberland Scottish Rite Club members are active in both the club and the Valley of Halifax. The NSRC hosts an annual Ladies Night and a Master Mason Day. The club regularly performs a theatrical portrayals of the 4°, 12°,16°, and 22° and conducts Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday Observances in Pictou County. The club elects an Executive at its AGM in October.

2018 NSRC Executive

President:  Ill. Bro. James Mitchell 32°

Secretary: Ill. Bro. David Burrell 32°

Treasurer: Ill. Bro. George MacKenzie 32°

Degree Directors

4° – Ill. Bro. Ronald MacDonald 33°

12° – Ill. Bro. Harvey J. Ford 33° & Ill. Bro. Frank Gammell 32°

16° – Ill. Bro. Robert Fulton 33° and Ill. Bro.Matthew Schumacher 32°

22° – Ill. Bro. Harvey Ford 33°