Q. Who can join the Scottish Rite?

A. Any Master Mason in-good-standing in their Craft Lodge.

Q. Is the Valley of Halifax only for Masons in the Halifax Regional Municipality?

A. No, our jurisdiction covers all of Nova Scotia and we have members from all parts of the province.

Q. Do I have to do any memorization and examinations?

A. You’ll only have to do memory work if you join one or more of our degree teams after you’ve received your degrees. You will not be examined between each degree.

Q. Do I have to attend meetings for each of the bodies in the Valley of Halifax each month?

A. No, only one. The Valley of Halifax meets and conducts all regular business on the 14° by convening one monthly meeting of Victoria Lodge of Perfection.

Q. Do I have to pay 3 separate annual dues for the 3 bodies of the Scottish Rite?

A. No, you pay only one dues payment annually to belong to all three bodies of the Valley of Halifax. You will also, however, be required to pay very modest dues to belong to one of the Scottish Rite Clubs.

Q. Do I have to take all of the degrees at once?

A. No, the degrees are conferred in 3 groups that correspond to the 3 bodies in the Scottish Rite. Once you have attained the 14° you can take your time completing the rest. Since the Valley conducts business on the 14° you are automatically a full member of the Valley and can attend all business meetings and social functions. The Scottish Rite Degrees are conferred at Reunions which are held in October for the Lodge of Perfection (4°-14°), November for the Rose Croix Chapter (15°-18°), and April for Consistory (19°-32°).