There is no degree more important in Scottish Rite than the Third Degree.  Scottish Rite believes that healthy Craft Lodges are integral to Masonry.  On this page you can find your Lodge and your Lodge’s Scottish Rite Representative.  If you have any questions about Scottish Rite speak with your Lodge Representative, he will be happy to chat.  If you want to add your Lodge or your Lodge’s website contact us.  If you want to become your Lodge’s Representative please contact Kent.

St. Andrews No. 1       Norman MacLeod

Keith No. 17                James McKay

Clarke No. 31              Grant Rust

Truro No. 43                 Ronald MacDonald

Eastern Star No. 51      Ivan Truen

Cornwallis No. 95         Seth Rozee     Web Link

Bedford No. 104         Michael Horwich   Web Link

Wentworth No. 108     Bruce Tolland

Ad Astra No. 130         Kent Clarke           Web Link

Sackville No. 137         Jason Balcom       Web Link

Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia


Supreme Council of Canada

Supreme Council, Southern Jurisdiction, U.S.A.

Supreme Council, Northern Jurisdiction, U.S.A.