Annapolis Valley Scottish Rite Club (AVSRC)

The Annapolis Valley Scottish Rite Club is based in Kentville, Nova Scotia.  Its members are active in both the club and the Valley of Halifax. The AVSRC hosts an annual Ladies Night and a Master Mason Day. The club regularly performs a theatrical portrayal of the 6° Intimate Secretary for the members of the Valley of Halifax and, by special dispensation, a modified version of the same degree for Master Masons. The AVSRC also conducts an annual Maundy Thursday observance.

The AVSRC is governed by an Executive and a Board of Directors who are elected/appointed at an Annual General Meeting each November.

AVSRC 2018 Executive Council

President: Ill. Bro. H. George Lynch 32°

Vice President: Ill. Bro. Timothy Tabor 32°

Secretary: Ill. Bro. Morley E. Robinson 32° 

Treasurer: Ill. Bro. Richard Spencer 32°

Past President: Ill. Bro. Kirk MacLennan 32°


Ill. Bro. Marshall Black 33°

Ill. Bro. Brian Moorse 33°

Ill. Bro.  Darren Lynch 32°

Ill. Bro. Ken Pineo 32°

Ill. Bro. Darren Lynch 32°

Ill. Bro. Barry Shanks 32°

6° Director: Ill. Bro. Brian Moorse 33°

A Brief History of the Club:

According to R.V. Harris, “ In 1889, the Royal Oak Lodge of Perfection was opened in Kentville but its Warrant was withdrawn by the Deputy in 1892″. In 1898,  Brother William Marshall Black was elected to receive his 33o, and in 1910 was advanced to an Active 33° becoming Deputy for Nova Scotia in 1913. (Grandfather of our Director Marshall Black 33°) Bro. William Marshal Black was also Grand Master of Masons in Nova Scotia from 1909 to 1911. In May 1947 the Annapolis Valley Scottish Rite Club was formed the first of its kind in Nova Scotia.


Ill Bro Morley Robinson 32°


454 Lake Drive, Tupper Lake, NS B0P 1G0


tel 902-678-7563