Valley of Halifax awards donation from the Deputy Grand Inspector General’s Charity Fund to Bonny Lea Farm

In response to an invitation from the organization’s Board of Directors, the TPGM of Victoria Lodge of Perfection, Ill. Bro. Kelly W. Hancock 32°, attended a meeting of the board on Monday April 16th to speak about the Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation and to announce that Bonny Lea Farm will be the recipient of a $500 donation from the Scottish Rite. 
This year’s recipient was chosen by the Valley’s Executive Council through a suggestion by Ill. Bro. Whitman Giffin 33°, who serves as secretary to the board of Bonny Lea Farm/ South Shore Community Services Association.

The Valley of Halifax is honoured to make this donation on behalf of Ill. Bro. James Finch 33°, Deputy for Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador

Pictured l-r are: Mr. John Biebesheimer, Board Chair, Ill. Bro Kel Hancock 32°, TPGM, and Ill. Bro. Whitman Giffin 33°, Board Secretary.

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