Master Masons Day at the Valley of Halifax a success

Bro. Joel Young, a Master Mason from Welsford No. 26 in Windsor checks out the prop and regalia display.

On Saturday April 28th the Valley of Halifax hosted a Master Masons Day to introduce the Scottish Rite to guests from lodges around the province. By all accounts the event was a success with 50 brothers in attendance.

The event was presented in a format that combined informative displays with a rare opportunity to see a scene from a Scottish Rite degree, followed by a light festive board. 

The Valley of Halifax would like to thank all of our guests for attending and extend a special thanks and congratulations to the Brethren who stepped up to work as staff for the event. Everyone from the greeters, to the ushers, those manning displays, the degree team, and the awesome kitchen crew did an outstanding job that showed true leadership, professionalism, and a sense of duty that embodied the Spirit of Freemasonry and contributed greatly to building espirit-de-corps within our Valley. 

Well done Brothers.


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